Pekerja NHS sendirian membangun kembali hutan rumput laut di Sussex
axel wiryanto
Selasa, 14 Maret 2023 02:22 am
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Steve Allnutt has watched the lush beds disappear from local waters over the years, and decided to take on the job of restoration himself

Steve Allnutt shivers and zips up his coat as he checks on the water tanks holding thousands of specimens. He confirms the temperature, adjusts the lighting and fishes out a tiny piece of kelp to inspect under his microscope.

Allnutt’s unusual setup – in his garage in Lancing, West Sussex – features 20-odd tanks full of the algae. He aims for the atmosphere to mimic natural ocean conditions, so the air in the garage is brisk but the light is cool and calm, like a winter’s day. In summer, he’ll need to wear sunglasses.