Bagikan pendapat Anda tentang tur Renaisans Beyonce
axel wiryanto
Rabu, 07 Juni 2023 10:25 am
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As it reaches London this week, we would like to hear from people who have been to one (or more!) concerts on Beyonce’s acclaimed tour

Renaissance, Beyoncé’s first headlining solo tour in seven years, has had three UK dates so far and begins its week-long London leg this week.

Our critic, who attended the first night in Stockholm, described it in a five-star review as “a sensory overload of truly stunning ambition and stamina”, while the Observer’s Kitty Empire, also awarding five stars, said of one of her Cardiff concerts earlier this month: “This banging, progressive, LGBTQ+-embracing, Afrofuturist extravaganza is a masterclass in refined excess.”