Metallica membeli pabrik vinil karena format menjual lebih banyak CD untuk pertama kalinya di AS sejak 1987
axel wiryanto
Rabu, 15 Maret 2023 02:25 am
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The thrash metallers have secured their own supply of the high-value format, which is enjoying a 16th consecutive year of growth, ahead of the release of a new album

Metallica have bought their own factory to manufacture vinyl records, as annual vinyl unit sales outstrip CDs for the first time since 1987 in the US.

The thrash metal band are the new owners of Furnace Record Pressing, a Virginia pressing plant that has made discs for Metallica for 15 years, as Billboard reports. The company’s founder and chief executive Eric Astor said: “Knowing our long-term future is secured while also being better able to take advantage of growth opportunities is really exciting.”