Presiden Israel memperingatkan tentang 'perang saudara' di tengah perselisihan atas reformasi peradilan yang kontroversial – video
axel wiryanto
Selasa, 21 Maret 2023 02:29 am
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In a sombre video statement, Israel’s president Isaac Herzog warned that those who believe Israel is far from a civil war have ‘no clue’. His speech follows weeks of intense protests across Israel against a controversial legal package proposed by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government which would give greater power to the legislature over the judiciary. Critics fear the changes will endanger the country’s democracy. ‘A civil war is a red line. I won’t let that happen, at any cost and in every way,’ said Herzog, adding that the country had a ‘historic’ opportunity to reach a constitutional settlement which is ‘balanced and smart’. 

Israel’s president unveiled an alternative set of measures to the government’s proposed plan to overhaul the country’s judiciary dubbed the ‘People’s Framework’.